How it Works

horseNot Just Another Ulcer Band-Aid

Our palatable preparatory formula absorbs into the ulcer, rather than just coating it. Our formula blends prebiotics with probiotics having a natural antibiotic effect – Synbiotics – that suspends symptoms, aiding the body in healing itself.

OMz ferments in lower GI tract causing the good bacteria to over power the bad bacteria. The good bacteria can then begin to heal. Think of it as a clean out system from high performance feeds/supplements and medication.

OMz prevents acid build up

As a fire needs fuel, an ulcer needs acid build up. OMz breaks down acid build up, cutting off the ulcers fuel, letting the good bacteria heal the body.

A career in racing/endurance/performance takes it toll. Bute and performance feeds overwork the stomach and digestive tract daily. (Horses are naturally just foragers.) OMz is clinically proven to HEAL that damage.

Before and after OMzStudies

In independent clinical studies OMz has reduced grade three ulcers to grade one ulcers in under 90 days. (UC Davis)


Prebiotics, Probiotics, Dried Lactobacillus, Acidophilus, Chicory Root Extract, Modified Cornstarch, Distilled Water, Potassium Sorbate, Coloring