Ulcers? Off Feed?

Get your horse running/performing to its full potential with OMz.

horse-careHealing Equine Ulcers

A career in racing takes its toll. Bute and performance feed eat at the stomach lining daily. (Horses are naturally foragers.) OMz heals that damage. In independent clinical studies, OMz has reduced grade 3 ulcers to grade 1 ulcers in under 90 days. OMz reduces acid build up. Learn more »

Signs that Your Horse May Have an Ulcer

  • Hungry for grass/hay, but off grain
  • Dips feed as if needs teeth done
  • Long dull hair on belly
  • Nipping at stomach, irritable, sulking

Get Back on Feed

horse-feedWhen horses are off their feed, they simply don’t run/perform to their full potential! OMz puts horses back in the feed tub, so they can run/perform like they should. There are many factors that cause horses to be off feed, so we cannot guarantee OMz will make your horse eat, but in most cases they are back on their feed in about a week.